The Difference Between Arab And Middle Eastern Cuisine Dishes

arabic cuisine dishes

Arab cuisine dishes are the original cuisine of the Middle East, defined as all the different regional cuisines ranging from the Maghreb to Arabia and the Fertile Crescent. The cuisine of the Middle East has a wide influence on modern day food and drink. The cuisine is often ages old and reflects the diverse culture of ancient trading in food, spices, and herbs. Arab cuisine dishes vary according to geography, religion, region, and ethnicity.

Pork And Beef

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Arab cuisines vary according to geography and religion. They are famous for their traditional and rich use of meat in both the soups and the main dishes. Pork and beef are used heavily in the soups. The meat in the main course usually comprises lamb, beef, goat or lamb with chicken and mutton as a side dish. In some places, you can also find rice in the soup. They marinate the lamb meat in garlic, mint and other spices before they serve it as an entrée in a Middle Eastern meal.

Fish And Seafood

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Arab cuisine dishes include dishes that are based on fish and seafood. There is no question about the popularity of seafood, in this part of the world or elsewhere. Many restaurants serve seafood, whether it’s fresh or canned, as a large part of their menu. In addition, Arabic cuisine dishes have a variety of herbs used in the seafood’s preparation. Some of these herbs include mint, basil, cilantro, Rosemary, thyme and tarragon.

Dates And Pistachios

Some of the most popular deserts in Arab cuisine dishes include dates and pistachios. Some restaurants even serve dessert desserts. The dishes with dates are more common in the South of the Arab world. It uses pita bread for dessert cakes, while it serves pistachios on their own, although some restaurants serve both kinds of these snacks. Arabic cuisine dishes make use of fruit and vegetables in abundance. The typical Middle Eastern dish is a stew or dish made from meat, vegetables, rice, garlic, and sometimes yogurt.

Wine Preparation

We well know Arab cuisine dishes for their use of wine, particularly red wine, which is usually served as the main drink. Or served as a specialty drink. The wine is usually prepared from grapes, which are grown in the Middle East. Using white wine in the Middle East is limited, as is the use of white grape juice in most other countries. Arab cuisine dishes are usually prepared using local ingredients that are not widely available in other countries. As an example, in Arab countries like Iraq and Egypt, fresh-water fish like mussels and shrimp are rarely used. In countries like Iran, the fish used in their cuisine are the same fish sold in supermarkets as sushi, because of the strict government controls on importing foreign fish.

Falafel Patties

Some of the most popular Middle Eastern foods in the United States include hummus, kebabs, falafel, and falafel patties. These foods are relatively expensive compared to other cuisines, because of the high price of salt and oil. Therefore, they are sold in bulk and are often prepared in special restaurants. It prepares most Middle Eastern foods in a family setting so that each member has their share of responsibility in the preparation and cooking of the meals.

Organic Ingredients

Most of the ingredients found in Arabic cuisine dishes are organic and they have been prepared according to their preparation time and the environment we find them in. The ingredients used in preparing Middle Eastern food have not been industrialized. Instead, the ingredients are grown naturally, and they are the same ones used by the Middle Eastern peoples of the past.

Animal Products

The Middle Eastern people of the past used plants and animals, and did not eat animal products as much as they do today. Some meats, such as beef, were hunted for sport or as part of an economy, but most of the meat was left to rot. Although many of the recipes that the Romans made that the Romans made the food that they hunted probably influenced us, it does not mean that they influenced all the dishes we prepare today probably influenced us.

Summing Up

Many people have become accustomed to the taste of the Arabic food that is served in restaurants and in the home preparation. Although the taste is fresh than that of the traditional European or the North American dishes, people have been impressed with the quality of the food they consume.

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