The Famous Chinese Food

Asian noodles with vegetables.

China is a huge country and Chinese cuisine is an essential part of the Chinese culture. Also, the Chinese are big eaters. Chinese food contains a lot of special ingredients that are known to make them different and tasty. The use of seasonings and herbs are a must to add extra flavors to dishes.

China is known for soy sauce. In Chinese cuisine, tea is a major part that adds to their beauty and health. Well, these tea recipes are not normal teas mixed with water and milk. Rather, they are special recipes that are rich in nutritional benefits.

The authentic Chinese food originated in Chinatown in San Francisco during the 1950s. This food is usually made with locally available ingredients. The Western version of onion, carrot, and broccoli are rarely found in authentic Chinese food.

The so-called Chinese food is only complete with the spicy texture. Even in America, Chinese food is not as spicy as the authentic Chinese food.

Staple Foods of Chinese

Some of the best cuisines in China

Here is a list of some staple food of Chinese people. Hence, it will help you to understand the beauty of Chinese food in a better way.


Bean Curd or Tofu is of Chinese origin. It is prepared with soy milk, a curdling agent, and water. Tofu is rich in iron, protein, and calcium. Also, it contains very little fat. The most famous Tofu dish in China is ‘map tofu’.


China is one of the largest consumers of eggs. They use eggs in boiled, steamed, or fried forms with different vegetables such as green chilies, tomatoes, cucumbers, chives, etc. Chinese people are food-savvy, so they can make a lot of dishes with eggs.


Chinese noodles are made from rice flour, wheat flour, and mung bean starch. It is a basic of staple food in China. Chinese people love noodles just like they love their kids. In China, they are usually served with stir-fried vegetables, meats, or eggs.


Rice is also one of China’s secret of beauty. Well, it’s the major staple food of China. Also, they eat rice almost every day or use them daily in any form in their meals. The crazy thing is that they are also using rice to make beer and wine. China’s famous rice dish is fried rice.

Poultry and Meat

Chinese people generally eat all types of animal meat. It can be mutton, beef, pigeon, pork, duck, chicken, and many others. Chinese people eat every part of the animal, be it be their entrails or blood. They cook meat in various ways to make a lot of different dishes.

Simple noodles in a bowl

Thus, we can say that Chinese food is very versatile. Chinese people can make a variety of dishes with even one or two ingredients.

The spiciness is the main thing of their food. Otherwise, it is not authentic Chinese food. Along with spiciness, many healthy foods are also present in their cuisine and it is the secret of their beauty.

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