The Infamous Syrian Food

A Loaf of Traditional Syrian Borak with Meat

Syria has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent times. However, it should stay on the front page thanks to its cuisine. Whether it is traditional foods or street foods, Syrian food is well-known in the world for its flavors, tastes, and ingenuity.

The main ingredients of Syrian foods are eggplant, garlic, meat, zucchini, tomato, mint, etc. Also, the main types of Syrian foods are Meze, Kebab, Kubbeh, Sweets, Street Foods, etc. Below are some of the most prominent Syrian dishes.

Popular Syrian Dishes

Pita bread with chicken


Hummus is an appetizer. It is kind of a starter dip or sauce. It is found in every country of the middle east and every country has its own variation. Syria also has its own version of hummus. The main ingredients are chickpea flour with various spices and herbs. It is very tasty with the flavors of cumin, lemon, garlic, etc. Also, it enhances the taste of the food you are having it with.


Kibbeh is another very common dish. It is like pan-fried kababs made of minced meat. It can also be grilled or baked. Again, it is common in the entire Arab world. Syria has its own version with a little difference. They are rather a simple dish. It is easy to digest as there are fewer spices and it tastes best when served hot.


It is a traditional food from Azerbaijan. Dolma means filled up. The method of making the dish is pretty simple. Finely chopped and marinated meat is mixed with rice and chopped greens with salt and pepper in a large bowl. Then, the mixture is tightly wrapped in pickled vine leaf and then cooked. Dolma is also made from fruits, seafood or vegetables.

Kibbeh Bil Sanieh

Kibbeh Bil Sanieh is the national dish of Syrian food. It is cooked in almost every Syrian household. Also, it has three layers of meat and onions. It is cooked for around 40-50 minutes and served with natural yogurt.


This is originally an Egyptian dish which spread to other countries like Syria. This is a main course dish. The primary ingredient is chicken but other meats like chevron, beef, or mutton are also used. Sometimes, greens and herbs are also added. This has a light flavor and the spices and meat are going well with each other.


Basbousa or semolina cake is a delicious Syrian dessert. This traditional Syrian dessert is sweet and sticky. It is made with self-rising flour, nuts, sugar, plain yogurt, and unsweetened coconut. All the ingredients are mixed together and baked with melted butter after mixing. Sugar syrup is added over the cake when it is hot and then it is served at room temperature.

A lunch bowl

There is a myriad of foods available in Syria. Some with meat, some spicy and some sweet. Other than those mentioned in this post, there are notable foods like fattoush, Samaka Harra, Ful Medames, Barazek and many more. So next time you go to Syria, on a peaceful time, enjoy the Syrian food.

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