The Yummy Shish Kabob

Shish Kabobs

Middle Eastern food is very popular and well-known for its scrumptious dishes which are loved and eaten by people all around the world. Although all the middle eastern dishes are great in taste, some have become their signature dishes and among those is Shish Kabob. This wonderful and tasty dish is made of minced meatballs roasted on skewers.

This dish has many versions, with different spices. To prepare this dish, you will have to choose the right meat, one tha is tender and juicy.

You can use lamb, beef, or chicken meat. However, what makes the difference is the quality of meat, the well-balanced spices, and the roast. To make this kabob, the meat should be minced properly and finely.

Electric Meat Grinder Sausage Maker

Mincing meat with hands is tiring and even irritating. It is especially true when you are expecting guests and you are running of time. However, you don’t have to worry anymore about all these things because you can now use the latest Electric meat grinder and sausage maker in your kitchen. It will help you make many dishes with ease.

With this machine, you can make your favorite shish kabobs and koftas in no time because this wonderful and versatile machine will do all the mincing and grinding for you in minutes.

This electric meat grinder is made from high quality and hygienic stainless steel, making it safe and durable. With this versatile machine, you can make lots of dishes because it has an incredible speed of mincing meat.


The Electric Meat Grinder
  1. It can mince 1.5-1.8kg of meat in a minute and can work continuously for ten minutes so you don’t have to worry about mincing and grinding the meat when you have to prepare shish kabob for your parties.
  2. This electric grinder comes with three blades. You can choose them for your grinding and mincing according to your preference. There is a fine, a medium, and a rough blade. These are 100% food-grade stainless steel blades.
  3. The machine is very compact and doesn’t need a lot of space. Therefore, you can easily keep it in your kitchen and when you want to make your favorite shish kabobs or meatballs, just plug it into an electric source and it will start working.
  4. It does not use too much electricity. It comes in a package which includes a grinder, 3 blades, a fixing ring, a food pusher sausage making tool, and a user manual.
  5. The manual will help you in using this amazing electric grinder and its various features.

So, get this wonderful machine now and make your special dishes like shish kabobs and Kotas.  

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