Top 5 Saudi Arabian Sweet Dessert To Try

saudi arabian sweet dishes

for so many years, Arab have to use the same kind of food such as fruits (figs, dates, and citrus fruits) and types of nuts (walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, and almonds) that have been used to make a plethora of unique desserts, sweets, and cakes. Meanwhile, all of these are healthy, yet permissive ingredients are still ideal in traditional south Arabian sweet dishes.

So, here we have discovered delicious Saudi Arabian delicacies filled with amazing ingredients and offer wondrous gastronomic experiences.

Wonderful Saudi Arabian Sweet Dessert

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Ma’amoul – The Buttery Dessert

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These are the butteriest, crumbliest cookies filled with dates, almonds, walnuts, or pistachios. The wooden mold is used to give Ma’amoul the perfect shapes and patterns. Plus, they are perfumed with cinnamon and cardamom inside.

Ma’amoul is the better serve dessert in any Saudi Arabian celebration. These cookies are filled with traditional date pudding and very luxurious that instantly melt in the mouth.


Have you ever experienced dumplings drizzled in honey? You will when you eat Luqaimat. It is hot, crispy, four dumplings, deep-fried, which looks like a donut. Well, it is not very sweet, but it dips into honey or date syrup to enhance its taste. However, it is usually made in the Ramadan month and served after iftar.

Kunafa – The Cheesy Dessert

Kunafa is a Saudi version of Danish cheese. Its base is quite cheesy, soaked in sweet rose syrup, and topped with rich semolina pastry. It is a baked dish and serves in pieces. So, kunafa is a connoisseur heaven dessert.


Basbousa is a baked dish with rose flavored syrup, curd soaked, and semolina base with coconut bears sprinkles. Its fragrance is amazing and rich in flavors, making it a perfect choice for a luxurious dinner party. It gives your dining table a delightful look.

Rice Pudding – The Creamy Dessert

Rice pudding or Roz bel laban is easily available in several cuisines in Arab. This rice dessert has long been eaten as a health treatment, for example, to treat stomach and digestion problems. Rice pudding is a sweet dish that is made with nuts, sugar, cream, milk, and rice. All the ingredients are cooked well and served either cold or hot. Meanwhile, dessert can also serve with cream, honey, nuts, cinnamon, and saffron. Some recent variations use it as a pudding on top of the vanilla ice cream.

Halawa El Jian

Cheesy and gooey, Halawat El Jibn is an amazing dish for cheese lovers. This is a traditional Lebanese dish. It is made from custard and cream in pastry-rolled form. Like the Kunafa sweet dish, it is also made with mozzarella cheese or cream cheese. Meanwhile, it topped with cherries and nuts and served cold and nice.


Basbousa is usually made in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt. It is a small square pastry covered in semolina. They have the amazing flavor of saffron and coconut. Basically, it is served with Baklava, which is another famous sweet dessert of Arab. However, the texture and taste of these pastries are the same as vanilla cakes. They are crusty inside and spongy outside.

So, these all are delicious and beautiful Saudi Arabian Sweet desserts which surely you like. They all are very easy to make so you can also make it at home if you want.

Eat sweet and stay sweet!

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