Top 7 Arabic Sweets That You Should Try Tonight

Arabic Sweets

Delicious and unique Arabic Sweets are popular in the Middle East. But, what is for dessert? Arabic sweets come in a variety of flavors and textures, with spices and seasonings added to their preparation. While they can be a little sticky-sweet for western palettes, most of them are made with several, carefully balanced flavors and textures. You will find these deserts being served by many restaurants and cafes across the region.

Arabic Mango Lassi

Try These Arabic Sweets
Try These Arabic Sweets

To start with, there is the Arabic Mango Lassi, an exotic drink in its own right. It is a mixture of fresh mango juice mixed with sugar and served cold. Above all, the combination of this lassi is both sweet and fruity. However, this beverage is highly dependable on fruits and other flavors.

Arabic Soups

Arabic Soups are another popular dessert delight. Most soups come in two basic flavors: Chicken or lamb, and beef, or mutton. The chicken or mutton soup is typically served in a round dish, usually with fresh herbs, garlic, and onion on it. Beef or mutton soups are more common and often served in round containers.

Honeycomb Mashed Potatoes

An exotic treat of the Arabic dessert category is the Honeycomb Mashed Potatoes. This dish is a very simple dish to make, consisting of potatoes and marinated with honey. It is then simmered in olive oil until they become soft. Next, the mixture is spread over a flatbread, which is then cooked for around 15 minutes. The result is a tender, mashed potato. It is one of the most popular Arabic desserts.

Arabic Rakia

Arabic Rakia or Arabian Rakia has been around for a long time but is relatively new to the desert scene. The ingredients used in this desert treat include sugar, dates, sugar cane, spices, almonds, dried figs, almonds, and salt. Although it has a strong taste, it is quite smooth and sweet.

Arabic Almond Butter

For dessert, the most popular dessert in the world is the Arabic Almond Butter which is also known as the King Cake or the Chocolate Cake. It consists of a layer of fluffy browned almond cake flavored with the flavors of the Arabian desert. The base is also made of chocolate powder, nuts, sugar, dried figs, and almonds. Above all, the cream or filling inside the layers are covered in whipped cream and sometimes vanilla.

Arabic Blueberry Tarts

The most unique dessert treat of all is the Arabic Blueberry Tarts, which have been created by blending blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and a mixture of the above fruits. They are then baked in layers with a layer of whipped cream and some blueberries sprinkled on top.

Arabic Rice Cakes

Best Arabic Sweets
Best Arabic Sweets

Arabic Rice cakes are made out of rice, wheat flour, cinnamon, sugar, almond, and walnuts, and decorated with the traditional Arabic style. A layer of whipped cream and cinnamon are added to the top of the cake. To serve, the cake is placed in a bowl of tea and milk and served hot. Therefore, with so many desserts, you should try one tonight.

Final Words

Other desert treats of the Arabic region include the Turkish Carrot Cake, Moroccan Carrot Cake, Lebanese Carrot Cake, and the Moroccan Cinnamon Oatmeal. One of the most unusual dessert desserts of all is the Moroccan Cinnamon Bread. This dish is made from whole grain pastry, butter, orange peel, and walnuts, and flavored with cinnamon and honey.

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