Traditional Arabic Desserts That Can Make You Its Fan

Traditional Arabic Desserts

Desserts are something that nobody could wish to miss, especially at any holiday table or gathering. And if you are bored of eating the same sweet dishes again, you will indeed find some best traditional Arabic desserts as you scroll down.


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Kunafa also referred to as Kanafeh, is a famous dessert with its origin in different countries around the world of Arab. This sweet is a noodle-like pastry or a semolina strand with orange and yellow color. Followed by dipping in sweet sugar syrup, a cheese filling is added inside it. Depending on different restaurants, the kunafa can even contain mozzarella cheese or cream cheese. When you take the first bite, the cheese comes out sizzles on the hot plate. This mouthwatering dish is one of the world’s most famous traditional Arabic desserts.


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Also known as Lugaimat, these tasty brown dumplings are fried in date syrup and sesame seeds. These balls are crunchy, crispy, and soft whenever you will eat them. The exterior of these sweet brown dumplings is slightly hard, but smooth syrup fills your mouth when you break them. Bedouin women make these Logma’s in the deep frying pan where they make 30-50 logma’s at one time. This one of the most delicate traditional Arabic desserts, is often topped with honey syrup, Nutella, or sugar.

Umm Ali

Umm ali is a common dessert found at every wedding. This egyptian delicate sweet has an amazing story in history. Umm ali is the rival of one of a ruler wife. The wife of ruler ordered the death of Umm Ali. She wanted to celebrate his death for which she demanded that the desert be known in Egypt. This sweet dish is a milky dessert that contains milk, cream, nuts, and pastry. In short- it is known as goodness in a bowl.

Rice Pudding

Also known as Roz Bel Laban, is found in different cuisines. This desert is used as a medical remedy for an upset stomach And even for various digestion problems. It is a sweet that contains rice milk, cream, Sugar as well as nuts. These ingredients are Cook together and are soft, either cold or hot. Sometimes this does it is garnished using cardamom, saffron, nuts, honey, and cream. The recent variation in this traditional Arabic dessert is a scoop of ice cream on the top.


If you are a Traditional Arabic desserts lover, you must not miss out on the above listed traditional Arabic deserts as they can fill you with sweetness and crispiness. Sweet dishes are always something that one cannot miss on, and trying new deserts is what everybody loves. Try these fantastic traditional Arabic deserts and share your sweet reviews with us in the comments below.

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