Try Some Delicious Arabic Breakfast Dishes

arabic breakfast dishes

When it comes to enjoying traditional Arabic breakfast dishes, nothing beats the famous coco basins or Arabic yogurt as some of the best desserts for the early bird. In fact, these ingredients are used by many restaurants across the world. These delicious delicacies are served either with fresh mints or sugar syrup and a side of fruits like apple, peach, plum, banana, grapes, melon and even cantaloupe.

Here is a short list of some of the finest desserts you can get in almost every restaurant.

If you are a foodie who loves the taste of honey, you cannot miss out on this desert. You can start off your day with the best Arabic breakfast dishes when you dine at an authentic Arabic restaurant. The dish that usually goes with honey is the khayyam. It is made of pistachio, dates, milk, honey, saffron and rose petals. You will love the cool minty flavor that it brings to your mouth.

Dessert Section

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The dessert section of the menu in the Arabic restaurant is pretty extensive and is always topped with the famous fruit bouquet. You can get it in different kinds and flavors, especially mangoes and blueberries. A desert similar to the fruit bouquet is the saghmaz, which is also very popular and one of the best tasting desserts served in the traditional Arabic restaurants.

The best deserts in this Arabic restaurant include the pistachio flavored pistachios with the fresh fruit juice. You will find also a variety of dessert sauces like the fresh fruit juices and pistachios as well as the fresh fruits.

Exotic Appetizers

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You will find some exotic appetizers in this Arabic restaurant. You can try some exotic dishes like the hummus. This dish is made of chickpeas and spices. It is not too spicy and has a taste that you will enjoy every time you eat it. You can also try the tasty kebabs served in the Arabic style.

If you are on a diet, then you should avoid the chicken that is served in this restaurant. However, if you want to experiment with the delicious food, then you can try the chicken kebabs. They are fresh and come wrapped in thin aluminum foil. If you are planning to have this meal with your loved ones, then the Arabic foods are best for you.


The desserts in the restaurant are amazing. They include the ice cream sundae, which is a delicious dessert of ice cream and strawberries. You can also try the deserts such as the mint kebab, which is prepared with mint leaves and topped with meat. The dessert called the “taj mahal” is a sweet dessert or pudding and water. This dessert is prepared with lots of fruits, nuts and a lot of sugar.

Arabic food has so much to offer. The breakfast dishes that you can try are simply mouth watering. You can also get a taste of Middle Eastern wine during your meal in any of the restaurants in the city. The Arabic wines will help you savor the dish even more.

Final Verdict

You will find a variety of meals to choose from in the restaurant. You can choose to have a vegetarian meal or a non-vegetarian one. The Moroccan style of cooking is very famous here and you can try their dishes for a delightful experience. You can also sample their Arabic pastries, which are found in all supermarkets and cafes. There are many deserts and snacks in this cuisine that you can try, such as the ice-creams, pistachios, walnuts and roasted grapes.

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