What is the Best Arab Food near Me

arabic food near me

The funny thing is sometimes I don’t even care where the restaurant is because I will get what I want no matter where it is! Here is a list of the places in Chicago that serve up some of the most delectable Arabic Food near me!

Breakfast and lunch near me on a recent trip to the suburbs of Chicago. The Mediterranean style restaurant was both stylish and had an authentic feel to it. Their menu featured both traditional Arabic food and nontraditional like vegetarian kebabs and their side dishes were both very filling. Their dessert selection was absolutely delicious and I had to try their dessert called Naan, which is like a crispy quiche. Open Google Maps in your browser and find the best Arabic food near you now.

Arabic Restaurant

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This is the inside location of the famous Hotel Adalah in the Fashion District of Chicago. This Arabic restaurant serves up some of the best Arabic food near me in Chicago. Their Menu has many different types of dishes that are both traditional Arabic dishes and non traditional Arabic food such as chicken and borscht, lamb stew, and their famous dessert called Naan. This restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays. The inside is decorated in an old-fashioned Arab style with wood furniture and walls studded with beautiful pictures of sheep. On the second floor you will find the “night market” which is a multi-story carousel of exotic goods at all time low prices.

Another famous Arabic cuisine restaurant near me, this place also serves up some of Chicago’s best Arabic food. It is named Al Dhiyafah with Moroccan touches. They serve up traditional Arabic dishes as well as those from Morocco, Turkey and other parts of the world.

Middle Eastern Foods Restaurants

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If you love good Middle Eastern Foods then you need to check out this place in the Wrigley Field of Chicago. There are many Middle Eastern foods restaurants here which can make your mouth water. They serve up some of the best Arabic cuisine near me including hummus and kebabs. They also have pizza, pasta and a buffet platter for those of you who want a more extensive meal. You can even get their pizza delivered right to your door. They also have authentic Moroccan desserts like dates and cashews which can give you the sugar rush you need after a long day at work.

This place was named as the number one restaurant in Chicago because it serves up the best Arabic food near me in one place. They serve up some of the best meat kebabs you can ever imagine along with some of the most authentic and tasty Middle Eastern Dishes you will ever encounter. They also offer halal, Arabic food near me and several other types of menus that will satisfy any kind of taste. They cater mainly to the foodies out there, so they are a little different from the rest. The prices are a bit on the higher side but it is worth the money when you find yourself dining here.

The Main Tourist Attractions In Chicago

If you were looking for the best Arabic cuisine near me then you should consider this place. You might not find exactly what you were looking for on this menu but you will definitely get some of the most authentic and tasty meat kebabs you have ever had anywhere.

The prices are very affordable and the portions are large enough to feed a big group. If you have never been to a traditional Arabic restaurant before you should try this place out since they are located conveniently near many of the main tourist attractions in Chicago.

Final Words

So, if you are hungry and craving some of the best Arabic cuisine near me you should definitely start your search on Yahoo or google maps and type in “Arabic cuisine near Chicago” to find out where exactly this restaurant is. You will be given several results of restaurants, you can check out which specialize in this type of cuisine. Once you do this just make sure to tell them where you are from and you should be able to easily find the restaurant you have been looking for.

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