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Arab cuisine 

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is the cuisine of the Arabs, a style or method of cooking that is being adopted by them. It is defined as the various regional cuisines all over the Arab world. They are usually more than a decade old and reflect the culture of great trading in spices, herbs, and foods.,

Spices and herbs

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Their cuisines are mostly cooked with spices and herbs. Spices like black pepper, coriander seeds, cloves, fun green, cinnamon, garlic, sesame, turmeric, cumming seed, to mention a few. These cuisines contain healthy herbs and very nutritional spices.

Choice of meat

Arans don’t deal with pork; it’s part of their belief. They mainly eat lamb, chicken, and beef. You could always order what you had preferred and what you are comfortable with

Style of serving

They are very hospitable people, they enjoy eating together in their traditional style, even with different side dishes. Their side dishes are reputable and taste good! They eat together, pray before and after eating, appreciate themselves with flowers and kind words

Diary product

Their dairy is mainly yoghurt. It can be used as a drink, or the water can be suspended and eaten whole—cheese can be used as a dessert sometimes, naturally gotten from the cow.

Desert: rice pudding is a good example of a cold desert. It is good for people with stomach illnesses because it digests easily. It is made from rice and milk with a little cinnamon. It can be taken with ice cream. Other deserts like salad, ice cream, yogurt are also nice

Quality over quantity always

Do they import their goods or locally produce them? Let’s take, for example, Arad Laham, which is like their rice. The rice is being soaked for about 30 minutes, take note, not anyhow rice; it should be their locally produced kind of rice with an absorbing texture.

Side dishes

Your side dishes choice is something you can request for, Arab Laham with a side dish of lamb stew might not be suitable for you. Then you can go for the chicken stew. The beauty is, they have varieties always

Fruits: they use them as salad or dessert. Apple, lemon, mango, dates, just to mention a few


Their grains are mainly rice and wheat. Rice is being used for cooking a lot of dishes while wheat is in making bread.

Special occasions

This includes periods of fasting—Christian celebrations, and so on.

Price: you want good food? Then you must have good money! You want to order something nice; it might cost you a bit. But trust me, it’s worth it.


They deal with both cooked and raw vegetables of different kinds like eggplant, green beans, spinach, zucchini, cauliflower.

Some popular dishes you might love


Arab Laham


Fatta chicken, rice, and creamy yoghurt sauce

The middle east cuisines are always one of the best kinds, with sweet-tasting dessert and tie curling main dishes and finger liking middle course. They would always make you happy and satisfied.

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