Ziafat Arabic Cuisine – South Austin

Ziafat Arabic Cuisine

One of the newest dining and entertainment options in Austin is the Ziafat Arabic Cuisine. This new restaurant features traditional Middle Eastern dishes and is set to become one of the hottest restaurants in town in a very short period of time. The chef is an accomplished one, having been trained under the tutelage of some of the world’s most renowned chefs.

Details Of The Restaurant

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As mentioned, the name of this restaurant is Arabic and this is because it will feature some of the most delicious meals in Austin. Some of the dishes you can expect include the famous Halwa, the famous Shih Tzu and also the famous Shawarma. The Shih Tzu is a well-loved delicacy in the Middle East.

There are also several varieties of Shawarma, ranging from the traditional Shawarma with its thick, meaty patties and marinated onions to the more modern version which is more of a hamburger. Of course, there are also some variations on the typical Shawarma dish such as Moroccan Shawarma which has chicken with spices and herbs. And the list goes on.

Ziafat Arabic Cuisine also serves lunch, which is a great addition to anyone’s diet. The lunch menu features some of the finest Middle Eastern dishes with a twist. One of these dishes is the Lamb Kebab. This dish is famous for its taste and aroma but also because of how easy it is to make and prepare.

Lamb Kebab

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Lamb Kebab is usually served with grilled lamb along with rice and couscous. The rice is accompanied with dates and lemon juice. If you are looking for something a little bit different, you may want to try a variation on the lamb kebab, which is called the kebabs of lamb.

Another dish offered by Ziafat Arabic Cuisine is their famous Feta Cheese. Their Feta Cheese comes with the same taste and aroma that are associated with Feta but instead of having the traditional cheese curds, this cheese is made from a goat milk product.

Feta Cheese

Their Feta Cheese also has a very unique flavor that is not found anywhere else. You will be sure to find this unique taste in some of the dishes you will eat in this restaurant.

It is a good bet that if you are ever in the Austin area you will want to stop in at Ziafat Arabic Cuisine for a meal or two. If you are not familiar with this restaurant yet, however, I suggest going early enough to reserve a reservation so that you do not have to wait in line. This restaurant is located at 411 E. Sixth Street in South Austin and you should be able to get in no problem.

There are also other options when it comes to choosing a Ziafat Arabic Cuisine restaurant in this area. I recommend trying out some of the other places that they serve at because they may surprise you with the quality of food that you will be able to find at them.

The other option would be to visit Ziafat Islamic Cuisine which is located on the other side of the city. This restaurant specializes in Persian food, specifically their Baklava. Baklava is an Iranian dish that is often served with Iranian bread.

Ziafat Islamic Cuisine is also located in South Austin and if you can make it in time you may be able to try out their dessert that is made of sugar, cinnamon, honey, and fruit. This dessert is not only delicious but the combination of flavors will give you a very unique taste.

Summing Up

You may also want to look at the other restaurants located in the Austin area in order to see what is available in other areas if you want a taste of all that the city has to offer. Some of these restaurants offer more traditional dishes but other ones specialize in unique dishes that have a lot to offer to their guests.

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